• Posted on: 25 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Courtesy NovLounge.


Daymon's picture


Now that is funny, and a cute cat. Did someone send you that or did you take the picture?

Marri's picture


I can has that cat?

MeiLin's picture

Most High

iz no mai kitteh. I actually don't know whose kitteh it is. Someone at NovLounge did it. But yes, that kitteh is really really cute. My kitties are black and panther-like and sleep behind my head on the chair where I write. So if I get little black hairs in the story, I'm sure you'll understand.

Katie's picture


Now I'm seeing a joke chapter where suddenly everything is covered with black kitty hair and we can't read anything mwhahahahaha.


I'm weird.

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