seasonal dose of cuteness (warning: adorable pictures!)

Yes, it's that time of year again. BABY GOATS!

I have about 25 does that I expect to give birth in April and May. So far 8 of them have done so (all in the last 5 days!) with a total of 17 babies between them. Yes, that means more baby goat pics can be forthcoming Wink Instead of spamming MeiLin's forum continously, though, I've started a farming blog at where you can see goat pictures, but better yet there's videos of the kids too Smile

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Most High

Adorable! The kids are cute too! ^_^

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Aw, what a sweet batch of scrub scrummagers! :love:

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... seasonal overdose. The cuteness, it knows no bounds. Smile

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17 kids from 8 does? So... 7 of them had twins, one had triplets? Or were there even greater multiples? I thought goats generally had one or two.

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... tend to have twins, except for the first time. Or so says Wikipedia.

The things one looks up when Capriox posts her usual cute goat pics...

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Hahaha, you're all getting educated! Indeed, my herd of mostly Boer goats averages twins or slightly better.

I'm now up to 25 baby goats from 12 does: one single, two sets of triplets, and the rest twins Smile

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I do so love your kid pics

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