I've never really done this forum thing before, so I suppose I've been amiss in that I have not yet introduced myself. At this point I'm not sure it's necessary if only for the number of posts I have under my belt, but here goes.
I'm a female electrical engineer on the east coast. I read an absurd amount and my mother always told me I should have been an English teacher or professor. It was sort of a coin flip, which way I went, but I picked engineering and I never looked back.
I've had lovers ask me if I am a sex toy salesgirl (I'm not) and I read and look at all sorts of unsavory things on the internet, but my biggest turn-off is poor grammar even if mine isn't always perfect. I can't read most trashy novels, anything you can buy in a grocery store, or anything my mother recommends. I love young adult fiction, just about anything they make you read in literature classes, and webcomics. Oh, and of course, the Intimate History.
I'm in my early twenties. I could be considered bisexual, but I think maybe I prefer the term "open-minded". I have a straight male partner of a few years, but we like to meet new people and he's pretty open-minded about my open-mindedness, which I appreciate a great deal.
That's all! Questions are always welcome Smile

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I frown upon trashy romance novels. (I read them anyway, but I still frown at them -halo-) There's some decent ones out there, though... though unfortunately "decent" often, fortunately not always, tends to mean "no sex." Georgette Heyer is a fabulous woman but her characters never go past kissing. Boo. Yay for IHGK Biggrin

In less rambly news. Hello, fellow engineer. Nice to meet you ^_^

(I considered saying "fellow open-minded" but I seem to be close-minded unless drunk. So engineer it is!)

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Most High

Boy, there are some build-ups in Heyer that I surely wish I could have seen consummated...

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and we'll see if we can't open you up a bit Smile And look out...there's engineers all over this place, myself included >.>

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... to sell your novels at Wal-Mart, though.

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...all these engineers into English and grammar. Maybe I did miss my calling when I went into management (and English) instead.

Hello, and welcome. You sound like you'll fit right in.

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As much as I love a good book, I do also like the occasional "brainless read." I've found a good author for that is Nora Roberts. She's written a ton of romance novels, though many of them don't have heaps of sex. Most of her books have a good storyline, if they can get a little repetitive after you've read 30 of them or so. She also writes as JD Robb in more of a sci-fi cop genre. She is prolific, so even if you finish each book n a day or two, you'll have enough to keep you busy for quite awhile. Her grammar is also good. I find far too many poorly-written or poorly-edited novels these days. They frustrate me.

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