Launch Day Update

  • Posted on: 29 March 2012
  • By: MeiLin

Son in Sorrow is off with a bang! It's in the 20k rankings at Amazon in all paid books--which sounds horrible, but is actually not bad at all! It means when it finally gets properly shelved it should be in a top 100 category. Here's hopin'! Four of you have left reviews at Amazon. Thank you! Please, if you've read the book, review it (honestly) there and "like" it on Facebook.

The book is now also at Barnes & Noble, if you prefer to buy books directly for your Nook there. And of course you can always buy direct from me and get three formats in DRM-free editions, which means you can then pop them into something like Calibre and convert them to practically anything. Oh yeah, and it's also at Smashwords for even more pre-formatted goodness.

There is now a Goodreads page for the book, where reviews and adds to your shelves (even "to be read") would also be extremely welcome and helpful, as would Facebook and Twitter mentions.

I promise to shut up about the book launch at some point soon. It's just been SO LONG in the making. I woke up this morning jangly as a housekeeper's keys, to the point that a friend whisked me off to the local sauna and calmed me down.

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