Temmin's Journey in "Son in Sorrow," in Two Songs

  • Posted on: 26 March 2012
  • By: MeiLin

I often think of songs as I work--not so much soundtracks, but inspirations. Sometimes I get story inspirations wholesale, as in the case of Iron & Wine's "Woman King"--that entire EP spawned dozens of ideas in me, and in fact Woman King is the working title of book three. Nickel Creek's Why Should The Fire Die? has the same effect on me, though I can't tell you exactly what songs track to what bits of book business.

And sometimes I associate songs with particular characters, or their particular story arcs. For Son in Sorrow, I kept coming back to these two songs, both favorites. I once thought one of them belonged to Tennoc, one of the main characters in the story-in-story, but on further reflection they both belong to Temmin.

Tem starts here, and ends up here just before the climax of the book.

I haven't found anything yet for Tem's state of mind at the very end.

(I must add that Sting is hotter than hell in that video. homina...)

(And I did try to embed but for some reason t'weren't workin'...)


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...plays stuff, too. And not surprisingly, a lot of the books I enjoy are written by authors who have a running soundtrack while they work, like you do. :whistle:

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I kept hearing Urgency by Eliza Kelley when you gave us Temmin/Allis interaction.

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