Growing up questions for Sir (or Mei (or anyone else))

I was wondering if it got harder to get excited/masturbate/achieve an orgasm as you get older. I've only been at this sex thing in earnest for a few years now, and I was wondering how things change as you age. I'm most interested in the girl perspective on this one, being one and all, but any information you have on aging and sex would be interesting to me. I'm in my early twenties, but I'm just wondering what to look forward to. I know post-menopause women who aren't interested in sex at all (God, I hope that's not me!...but hormones are still a little bit of a mystery so I guess I don't really know), but I'm also wondering if I should expect it to be harder or take longer to have an orgasm when I'm thirty or forty or whatever. If I have tons and tons of sex now, will that make it worse? Feel free to tell me things about getting older that I didn't specifically ask, as well. I'm interested in anything anyone has to say on the subject. Thanks!

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Most High

I just wrote a little about this in the other thread. For me, yes, it got harder. Ehm, more difficult. Whatever. But then there's a wonderful thing called menopause. When it hits, you can either lose interest entirely, or your sex drive can go through the roof.

Guess which I am? :O

I'll have Sir drop by; he'll have plenty to say on this, I'm sure.

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Most High have had many partners of many ages, and I'll be frank here:

Older women and older men rock. No offense, kids, but as *I* have aged, I no longer look at the 18 year old as the ne plus ultra of sexual experience. For one thing...a 40 year old hitting on an 18'er is just freakin' skeezy, or can easily become skeezy, so I tend to shoot for 10 years or so within my age. As a guideline.

Oh, sure, the boys have cocks as hard as iron rods, but to a large degree, they just whip it out, and have no clue what to do with it, or how. They also tend to have short fuses, and kinda slow recovery time.

As men age, they don't get AS hard, AS often. But they get plenty hard, and they tend to last a LOT longer (they have figured out that the fun isn't in the arrival, but in the traveling to get there. The older cocksman knows about how long his recovery time will take, so has also figured out that there is more than one way to get there.

As for women and the aging process. Some women start out white hot, then fizzle. Others start out as a burn and just *keep* burning. Still others are about as cold as an ice hotel when they are young, but suddenly thaw into Ibiza at the onset of menopause. Our lovely MeiLin started out with a burn and just keeps going.

Hormones are bizarre things. You can't use them "up"...don't worry, you'll make more. But, you should never pass up the chance to enjoy yourself sexually provided you can do so in safety and its something or someone you want to do. You won't ever be 18 (or 26 or 55) again. Nor will your breasts be the way they are, or your butt, or your lips, or your morals Wink This is a specific point in time, and you should enjoy it to the fullest: that means good food, good drink, the best conversations possible, and good sex.

Some women burn out after menopause. They have zero need or desire. *If* that ends up being you, tho, you should at least have the memory of those wild lustful days. If that does NOT end up being you, then you will have just gotten some early practice;-)

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Dear God there is no respite for me...

Actually, I'm counting on the whole "up" in libido for me. I have a pretty high libido (none of my previous bf's have been able to keep up with me... in fact, and I quote "Do we have to have sex all the time? Don't you think we have too much?" his man-card was aptly revoked btw).

But Slagar... there is no end for him. There is no point in where he goes "Ahh. That was nice. I think I'm done." No. He passes out. Sleeps for a certain period of time, then wakes up and wants MORE!!! All the time!!!!

Sorry for the rant, I just get a little exhausted sometimes... sigh...

That being said, I'd rather too much than too little Wink

Now where was that post about the wrist cuffs....

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"Some women burn out after menopause. They have zero need or desire."

Yup. Happens quite a bit, apparently. All may not be lost, though. There is some evidence to support the idea that for at least a part (if not actually all) of that group, "the appetite comes with the eating", so to speak. That is, even though they have no need or desire of their own, they can - and actually do - get into it once they get started. There also seems to be an element of "use it or lose it" involved, in that the longer they go without, the harder it is to get back into it.

This, you might imagine, is tricky, tricky business, as the idea of initiating sex with a partner who isn't into it at the time skirts mightily close to non-consensuality, so it requires lots of honesty and communication, but there you go.

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Thanks! That's pretty reassuring, actually, and I know I agree about older guys. I've had the best experiences with guys ~30 for both good conversation and good sex, and they're the ones I've learned the most from.
It makes sense that you wouldn't run out of hormones, but can you dull nerve endings if you use them too much? If I do sexy things twice a day for ten years, will I feel like I'm 40 when I'm 30? I don't know if there's more to getting off than hormones, and I don't want to wear out my sexy parts. I was thinking about this because it seems like uncircumcised guys are much more sensitive on top than those who have been snipped, and I thought maybe it was because of the constant exposure to clothing and stuff that the latter group probably gets.
Do you know if genetics have anything to do with sex and aging? If my parents are still goin' at it, does that give me a better chance?
Also, I really like the guy I'm with, and I was wondering if you had advice for staying with one person for a really long time and keeping things interesting. I haven't run into trouble yet, and we're pretty creative, but when we're fifty (or when we have kids) it might be harder to find other couples that are interested (and discreet) than it is now. It might also be harder to find new things to introduce. Any ideas?

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Most High

>can you dull nerve endings if you use them too much?

Yes, but its a temporary state. Lay off them for a few days and they will quickly return to "normal." I haven't heard from many folks post 60 or so that genital desensitization is an issue, but I am sure that there is a small percentage for whom that is the case.

Yes, tho...cut and uncut cocks are different in terms of sensitivity, and I do think that is is because of the persistent sensation for the corona.

I am really not sure about genetics and sex. I haven't read any studies at all on the issue. The might be some out there, tho Smile

And as for advice: be GGG. As long as you aren't horrified by the request, and no one is going to be hurt by it, give it a shot Smile

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I was looking up stuff one day and for some reason, an anti-circumcision site was in the list of results. It was informative and bizarrely fascinating, I had no idea about the topic before. (Unfortunately I don't have a clue what the url was, but it was illustrated... *hums innocently*) Anyway, after reading through it, the thing that stuck in my mind was that the foreskin is like the eyelid; it protects what's underneath and keeps things working like they should, including keeping things sensitive.

If the site was anything to go by, your thought would be correct.

I'm no med student, I'm not going to try and explain what happens. I am just amused by the memory, which tells me the site said something like "Let's see how good your vision is when there's a layer of hardened skin covering your eyes!"

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I posted twice by accident, sorry!

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It's fascinating reading Sir's posts. I've only ever heard about him, not from him. What a character! What a pleasure to glimpse another side of my old friend MeiLin.

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Most High

seriously, he's just the biggest goof and I love him to bits.

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