Today from the Box of Squee: Haloes

  • Posted on: 23 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Haloes is one of the retail-only Salon scents, based on this painting by Lous Welden Hawkins:

and is described as

Oak, tonka, vanilla, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, white ginger, amber, and apricot

In the imp, the first thing I smell is sugar, like a candy apple. It's very, very sweet, almost too sweet. I think it's the apricot and vanilla together.

Wet: It's still very sweet. It keep shifting from caramel to candy apple. Not sure about this; I have lots of caramel-type smells and I'm not sure I want another.

Dry: In a word, superb. My skin amps vanilla and amber, and those are the main hits, with the tonka, sandalwood and oak as foundation. I can't smell any of the lily of the valley, which is a pity because I love it, and the caramel/candy apple smell is completely gone. I get a little sparkle of the ginger, but not much. Way in the back there's the apricot. Mostly this is the woods, the tonka, the amber and the vanilla, and it's an effort not to sniff my wrist. On me, this is perfectly blended. Sir said, "Yep, a keeper." Somehow I must obtain a bottle.


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how something can smell one way in a bottle and then smell completely different on your skin.

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This one sounds lovely, probably spendy stuff too. It is interesting how sents work different for each person.

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Most High

I don't know the exact price for the Retail Salons, but you can pick up Haloes via the forums for ~$4-5 for an imp-sized decant, which means the bottles probably run around $25-30. That's not much for perfume oil, which is much more concentrated than perfume.

No Fickle Finger of Squee today; I'm going to see a very sick friend and so put on White Rabbit, which I find very comforting.

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