I scream, you scream...

Well if Gudy isn't gonna ask it, I will.

Sir: What is ice cream good for?

(squirm, you little preposition-phobes, SQUIRM)

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... but I don't mind you getting here first. I'm certainly interested in the answer. Smile

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but patience isn't my strong suit Smile

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Most High

actually, a have always been fond of ben and jerries on the nipples. NOTHING like a cold nipple. and I mean COLD. Warm that sucker up, and you are the hero of the night.

Oh, and I am fond of vanilla bean with home made chocolate sauce on it. In case you were wondering.

As for the screaming: this is clearly someone who was penetrated anally by a klondike bar. Move along...nothing to see here Wink

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This comment, along with my friend arjuna's song, are going to prevent me from ever eating a Klondike bar again.
(song lyrics: "it gets annoying when all I hear some people saying is, 'What Would Jesus Do?' and I'm like, 'what, for a Klondike bar?'")
Because now I am envisioning Jesus being penetrated anally by a Klondike Bar.

Someone pass the brain bleach?

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