Chapter 6 in the scheduler, chapter 7 under way

  • Posted on: 22 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Preview of 6:

On the outskirts of Deneen Town rose a hill, the most prominent in the landscape. In the side of the hill was an opening in the hill, framed in black rock. On either side, torches flickered even in the day. And coming and going was a small but constant stream of traffic, larger today than usual.

This was the Temple of Harla. The Temple in Tremont might be the larger and more elaborate, but Corharla Hill was the first, Her Home on earth, where all true devotees must descend at least once on pilgrimage and where her most devoted sent their bones to be added to Her ossuary. It was here, before dusk fell and Harla's Day began, that Henrik of Belleth went to find Macca of Sairland, for Macca was a lay priestess of the Bloody One.

It goes live, and we resume updates, on Mon/Tue at midnight. In chapter 7, we have tea with Connin and Maeb and see the book from Sedra's end.


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Maybe it's just me but this seems phrased a wee awkwardly:

In the side of the hill was an opening in the hill, framed in black rock.

"In the side of the hill was an opening framed in black rock" sounds less redundant but I could just be crazy Biggrin
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Most High

It's rhythmic. It's sposed to be like that. Smile

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Not quite gettin' it but that's alright I-m so happy So long as you meant it to do that :3

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