Today from the Plastic Bag of Squee: The Blockhead

  • Posted on: 21 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Sir says, "The only Blockhead I know is a circus freak show act." Yes, dear, that's what it's named after. "You do know what the Blockhead does, don't you?" Yes, dear:

Back out on the Midway, a huge, leather-clad man leans against a post. He smiles at you, guilelessly, baring a mouthful of sharpened teeth as he hammers huge rusted nails into his skull.

Rusted metal, leather, and a pop of pink bubblegum.

"You do know if you keep talking to me like that I'll turn you over my knee?"


Yes, dear.

Imp: Just weird. Sweet and...odd

Wet: Pink bubblegum, big time. Pop of bubblegum? Pop in the head, more like.

Initial drydown: The bubblegum fades fast and I'm left with a very smooth masculine but not too masculine scent. A little woody (heh), a little spicy, a little leathery--I really like it!

Longer drydown: It's becoming a lot more metallic, the (appropriate) coppery tang of blood. But it's faint. Either my nose gets used to this one really quickly or it doesn't have much stay on me. The bubblegum is back, but in the most indistinct way--like smelling a discarded Dubble-Bubble wrapper.

Verdict: Imp is good, bottle not so much. Into the girl box, which I really need a couple more of. It's getting cramped in there.

ETA: There's a "what would YOU smell like" thread at you were made into perfume, what would it smell like. This is as close to me as I could get:

plum blossoms, sharp lemon, vanilla, musk, a touch of cocoa, and a bare hint of truffles.

If I thought I could get away with it, I'd add nutmeg, black currant and honey.


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Now, what does -jade- smell like...hmm. Either way, you already sound delicious. (Wait, I'm -reading- something about a -smell- and now it -sounds-? Sigh)

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Jade is actually a succulent plant in addition to a lovely stone [and I don't mean this as a slight if you already knew, my mind simply tends towards the stone before the tree, which is named for the color of its flesh]. It's a white flower with more complex characteristics than the average white flowers in the perfume industry.

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Most High

I have a brown thumb with houseplants. I've even managed to kill creeping charlies and spider plants. Outdoor plants fare better, so I now limit my plant activities there. So far this year, so good; the marigolds and geraniums are looking good.

But I didn't know they BLOOMED let alone had a fragrance! Thank you for telling me!

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Nope, I had no idea--I was actually making a play on MeiLin's name, one translation of which is "Plum Jade Admirable". Since she'd already picked plum blossoms, I skipped over actual "plum jade" and took it separately as plums and jade. But thanks--it's a good bit of trivia to have filed away Smile

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