The real reason the update was early

  • Posted on: 12 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I have the flu, really badly. This is the worst I've felt in ages and ages. Chills, high fever, full chest. It's bad. I was worried if I didn't finish 8 today it wouldn't be done till the weekend, and I'm hoping the Saturday update won't be late. I really shouldn't write when I'm sick because it probably shows, but this is me. I do those kinds of things. So be patient, chant anti-flu spells, whatevah. Thanks.


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feel better.

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I love the loyalty to your timetable, but perhaps you should go an a temporary hiatus til you feel better?

oh well, onto chapter 8, can't wait Biggrin

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There we go. Take care of yourself.

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I'm always wanted one but I have to settle for a half-full. I lied. It's a quarter. Sad, really. Anyway, it's life like this that pushes me to write ahead of my posting. This way I'm prepared. I'm also OCD so that helps. But yeah, I don't think people are going to hound your house with pitchforks for you to post while you're snotting on the keyboard. Well, they might slingshot dildos into your bedroom window, but that's their loss. Feel better before writing, otherwise you might get a chapter that looks closer to an acid trip than anything else.

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Most High

I have enough for about five women. The rest of me matches, but hey.

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