Today from the Mailbox of Squee: The Grindhouse

  • Posted on: 20 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I got not one but TWO packets in the mail today, one from BPTP containing a bottle of Hunger Moon that I got from eBay, and one from a decanting circle of Carnavale Diabolique Act IV, The Interlude (good gravy, you gotta love goths), minus the Grindhouse girls. Both generously frimped. So now I'm awash in smelly goodness, and I have two more decant circles (a selection of CD snakes and a selection of Grindhouse girls), the Four Seasons Inquisition (the goblins say I'm La Primavera) and the latest Lunacies still coming. After I finished the book I, uh, I kinda went a little berserk...but they're mostly decants, not full bottles!

ANYway, I'm going to try The Grindhouse first:

Throaty laughter captures your attention. Across the lane you see a buxom Venetian woman standing before a huge black and red striped tent. Her head is inclined towards a dapper, leering man, and they appear to be sharing a private joke. He reaches into his waistcoat and produces a gold coin. The woman plucks it from his fingers. He bows, and walks into the tent with a swagger. A sign flashes above the tent flap in letters that seem to be aflame: The Grindhouse, Dead or Live Girls.

The Madam turns towards you and smiles. As she approaches, someone within the tent strikes a few keys on a tuneless piano, and begins to play Jelly Roll Morton's 'the Crave'. The light within the tent illuminates the interior, shining behind the silhouettes of naked women gyrating lewdly upon raised stages, writhing in time with the music.

In the distance, behind the tent, you hear a whip crack, and a man's scream. Tittering laughter follows, and the screams continue.

"Voulez-vous un morceau de la boîte de bonbon?" she asks, gesturing gracefully towards the tent.

The Madam's perfume envelops you.

Florentine iris, red musk, mimosa, magnolia, Damascus rose, clove, and vanilla bean.

(Interesting note about the artwork that accompanies CD: Many of the figures are portraits of BPAL workers and fans; the Grindhouse girls are the moderators of the forums. So cool.)

In the imp: Elusive. I pick up the vanilla and musk first, maybe the mimosa and clove.

Wet: Ooh, here comes the iris and clove. Yikes! Here comes clove, looking for iris's lunch money! Iris retreats.

On drydown: Apparently sated, the clove fades and now I'm getting the musk and rose, with a whiff of the vanilla and floating over the top, the iris.

My verdict: MMmmm. Sir's verdict: "Not my favorite, but not bad." Probably not a bottle, but happy to have the imp. Into the girl box it goes.

In related news, No1 Daughter has absconded with Sugar Moon, and on her it works. On me, it turns bitter.

Later: Now that Grindhouse has been on a while, the vanilla is finally at the surface, sharing with the red musk. The clove is back, but much better behaved. Sir and I have changed our verdict. Mixed with, uh, pheromones? This is intoxicating. ahem.


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one a' these days I'll have to try some BPAL, but I rarely use perfume anyway =\

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