Now We Are Four

  • Posted on: 21 February 2012
  • By: MeiLin

On February 21st, 2008, I posted the first item on I had no idea what would happen; I just wanted a place to post these racy stories I was writing, and I thought it'd be fun to have my own site to do it on. I'm a web developer, it's not hard for me to throw up a site, why not. I didn't really expect anyone to read what I wrote. I had a small following for my Dr Who fanfiction, but this was original; no one wants to read original fiction by some no-name. Ha! Not even no-name! I was using my Second Life name as my pen name! What a dork, eh?

That week, I posted the first episode of "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom." I had no idea what I was doing and didn't take my writing in the least bit seriously. Sure, I'd written professionally for thirty years, but that was all journalism and nonfiction. I was just having a bit of fun--and for fun, I did what some other webserial writers were doing: I put up a challenge. If I raised $10, I'd release an extra episode. Figured it'd never happen.

I got the $10 almost immediately. Like, within the hour. I sat up straighter. Maybe I'd have to take this a little more seriously.

Four years later, that first contributor is still a staunch reader, bless him. I've written two full-length novels in the History series, a bunch of short stories, a second serial, a new collaborative universe novel is underway, and the Kickstarter that ended on the 12th of this month raised $5,250. Floored ain't in it, my friends. I cannot believe what has happened since that first timid post. I have readers, readers who pay for my work, even. I take my writing dead serious--but I'm stuck with the goofy pen name! Biggrin

So much has happened that it feels like ancient history. That first little post changed my life so radically, but it was just four years ago. Thank you to everyone--those who've been with me from the beginning, and those who've come along for the ride in recent days. I love you all.


MsGamgee's picture


I didn't realize I was quite that much of an "old timer." Well, happy birthday! I'm amazing you've done SO MUCH in four years! If you didn't hate leaving the house so much, I'd encourage a book tour. Blum 3

Tristan's picture

Like the subject says, happy birthday! Biggrin

Gudy's picture


... are in order. Biggrin

Pikachu42's picture


and we're still here with you! :chewy:

Side Note: I had no idea I've been here this long. It's been a great ride so far. Smile

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As it goes -- your Fourth is a sign of your own independence and strength.

We're all thrilled to be with you on the ride.

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Yea!! This is all you baby!!

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Wow, count me as another who hadn't realized it'd been that long. I cam in originally around chapter four or five, I think, lost the site, and showed back up around oh, six months in. Wow.

It has been an incredible ride to be one of your readers, and literally inspired me to do things I wouldn't be doing otherwise, made me friends online and off-....

All because of you, Mei!

Hapy four years! Here's to many, many more!!!!!

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Profile says I've been here 3 years and change, so looks like I found you shortly before the first anniversary.

Congrats, and here's to many, many more full of your wonderful writing!

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Congratulations, my friend, that is amazing! Doctor Who, huh? I knew there was a reason I liked you Smile And BTW, I LOVE your pen name!

Keep writing!

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