Only four days left to get in on the Kickstarter!

  • Posted on: 7 February 2012
  • By: MeiLin

The Kickstarter is within range of $5,000. That's well over 300% funded. It's not likely to hit $5,000 in the four days left, but it's possible! Two naming packages remain. The average backer's giving $30 or so, and this is what they're getting for the money:

--Books one and two in ebook form ($10)

--High-res digital copy of the world map, drawn by Robert Altbauer ($5)

--Choice of one of ten of the original high-res character studies by Alice Fox ($5)

--The complete audiobook of book one ($20)

--Whithorse, a brought-up-to-canon collection of short stories set during Temmin's childhood ($2.95)

--The raw manuscript within hours of my dotting the last "i", and acknowledgment in the book (priceless!)

So that's nearly $50 worth of stuff for $30! Add another $30 and you get all that plus an autographed book 2 and a printed copy of the world map. That's $80 worth of stuff for $60! And it gets more awesome the higher up the rewards packages get.

There's enough coming from this that for once I'll get something from it. This is gonna be my present to myself, in burgundy. It'll double as the dress I want for the 10th anniversary of my first heart attack in April.

Four more days, folks, and that's it. You won't get me blathering on about this any more, and you'll have to pay retail for all the awesome extras. Smile Everyone who's backed me so far: I LOVE YOU MADLY!


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do the presalers still get their copies autographed? I'd like that very much.

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Most High

The $25 presalers get everything the $30 Kickstarters get; the $50 presalers get everything the $60 Kickstaters do. Smile

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So, funny story. I've been having problems with PayPal for a while, and so when the Kickstarter appeared, I just assumed it would provide similar problems. But I checked this morning, and it turns out it uses Amazon! So, I have pledged $30 to SiS.

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