And now the fun begins

  • Posted on: 22 January 2012
  • By: MeiLin

I got the book 2 manuscript back from Annetta Ribken and now comes the fun part, by which I mean the part where Mei forgets to eat and sleep and tortures herself. Oh wait, that's any time I'm writing.

ANYWAY, just a quick update. This thing is getting close. I'm shooting--praying--for late February for the ebook/return of the serialization, and April for the paperback. We'll see. I literally haven't opened the file yet. I'm terrified...

Update: I've read through Netta's notes. Really not that many. I'm going to (try to) take my time, since I have it; my deadline is when the Kickstarter finishes, right around Valentine's Day. The trick is always not tinkering too much.


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I always dread looking at what the editor has done with my manuscripts (in fact, I'm expecting one to drop like a bomb on me any day now), and most of the time they aren't nearly as bad as I imagined.

You'll be FIIIIIIINE. As long as you don't sleep or eat or any of that other stuff for the next month ...

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*waves pom-poms like mad* You can do it! It will be awesome! Yay!

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I suck as a cheerleader IRL, but I can most certainly join in here! *waves pom-poms with Cap* Rah-rah-sis-koom-ba!

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Go Mei! It's the "Endspurt"!

by the way...yay, I'm a petitioner now Smile But I just noticed, why do I have a Most High badge?

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Most High

I don't know why the software is doing that, but it's happening a lot lately. I fix.

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