The Kickstarter funded--but don't stop now!

  • Posted on: 16 January 2012
  • By: MeiLin

I came home from a bellydancing party to discover that not only had the Kickstarter made its goal in less than four days, it was $200 over! 113% funded!

But there are 26 more days to go and there's no reason to stop there! Every $500 I go over unlocks more rewards for backers.

If I go $500 over, I'm rewriting a set of prequel stories from Temmin's childhood to hand out to backers.

PS: There's a video thank you from me
If I go $1000 over, it'll speed up production of the book 1 audiobook (I'll be able to buy the remaining gear and set up my home studio) and $30 and above backers will get a full copy instead of having to listen to it piecemeal via podcast like the rest of the world. (The audiobook will be available for sale but it'll be something like $20.)

If I go $1500 over, I'll be able to hire help to finish the world map and ALL backers will get a high-res digital version of it. Everyone else will be able to see low-res versions here, and they'll be included in the books.

If I go $2000 over I'll investigate how much it'd cost to have the world map printed on posters and send those to $100 and over backers. I haven't committed to that last because a) I don't know how much it'd cost and b) I have no serious reason to believe I'll go $1000 over let alone $2000 over. Even so, I never thought I'd get one taker for the $250 level reward (having a walk-on character named after them) and 3 people bit. One never knows!

This has been an incredible weekend and I'm absolutely exhausted now. Thank you all so, so very much.

PS: There's a video thank-you from me at Kickstarter. Smile


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... MeiLin. That's some well-deserved success right there. Smile

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I am so freaking excited for you Mei. I knew you could do it, though. You have people who love you and enjoy your stories very very much! As Gudy put it, it's well-deserved success. WavemulticolorJumpeveryone

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sweet... :beer: Dance 4

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You did it! You did it! ¡Lo hiciste!

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Just saw the update on facebook.

*jaw drops*

That's just.... absolutely amazing and fantastic and congratulations, MeiLin! We all knew your writing was plenty good enough to support yourself on and totally worth it, but it's so awesome to see others recognize it as well. Fantastic!

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That was my response to her too - "holy shit". It's amazing what you can express with those two words.

I am beyond ecstatic for you, Mei. I am thrilled that you finally get to be a recipient of the internet's power for good!

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