Book Two: Major editing completed

  • Posted on: 29 December 2011
  • By: MeiLin

I finished the major editing pass on book two. This is where I go in and tighten the writing, look for duplicate scenes (in a book this big, it's gonna happen) and so on. I got 10,000 words out of it that way! It's still 150,000 words, but hey. I write doorstops. We have already established this. Now you'll have stops for TWO doors, not just one. Smile

My urge is to compile it into a doc and throw it at Netta--"YOU deal with this thing!"--but that's a waste of her time. I'm going to compile it into a mobi book instead and throw it at my Kindle. When I've had a chance to recover some equilibrium, I'll read it and take notes.

I am obsessive when it comes to editing. When I'm editing a big project I can't sleep, I forget to eat, I forget to get dressed--waitaminnit...

...I guess I should go shower now...

Anyway, book two is fast approaching, folks. Smile


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At least you have editing to blame for forgetting those things - some of us have no reasons!

I'm so excited for you! And for us, because it means we'll have it all that much sooner! Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sure your family might complain, but we won't Wink (Well, except inasmuch as you need to eat and sleep to stay healthy...!)

Bought a pre-sale this time, so extra extra excited Biggrin

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