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I just finished the first book two editing session with Annetta "Netta the Editta" Ribken and wow, I have WAY LESS work to do on this sucker than I thought. One area to expand on, several to condense, some character names to change (I overdo names starting with T and A...waaaaitaminnit...) some breaking up of mega chapters (chapter 10 is 50 PAGES LONG) and that's about it.

Let me repeat: THAT'S ABOUT IT. We're talking about weeks, not months, to put this baby to bed. What this means is, if you're planning on pre-saling, better step it up. Presales make a great Christmas present, if your friends or significant others are fans. (I know one of you is getting one for Christmas--no, I'm not telling.)

I usually close pre-sales about a week to two weeks before the book is done. This is so people get the manuscript asap, I have funds to pay everyone, and there's time to get all the right attributions in the acknowledgments. So...there you have it, folks!

Oh btw: Book one ends here on December 30th. Obviously there's going to be a gap until book two starts. Just FYI.

Posted on 12/20/2011 - 3:23pm


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Will that gap be filled by Scryer's Gulch? I've missed it lately.

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I asked...

And she said "When I've wrestled book two to the ground I'm going to write a bunch of Gulch. I hope." Smiling

I've missed it too!

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A book in two years ...

is damned impressive for someone working part time. I'll enjoy seeing my copy in my inbox!

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... indeed! Laughing out loud

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I'm gonna start scrounging up money for the presale. Things have been tight this way, but I really wanna get it!

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