New Facebook group

I created a group on Facebook for those of us who have accounts there and would like to spread the news. It is called MeiLin Miranda. It links to here and will hopefully have more offerings soon.

I also made some flair for anyone on Facebook that has the application. I'm personally addicted to it.


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Most High

Thanks! I guess I'll have to join Facebook now!

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I like it much better than myspace. The applications are pretty addicting. There's several challenging vocabulary/spelling ones that I tend to play when I get bored.

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sorry, could not find it ?

do you have a direct link to the group ?


Lord Playboy

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Most High

and also here. Smile I'm working on a Facebook/MySpace widget.

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This is a little weird, as it makes my RL name available to you lot, but hell, I'm already in some odd Facebook groups, and none of you seem like axe murderers... Wink

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What do axe murderers look like if not ordinary people to start with ?!?!

What was your RL name again ...


V's picture


it's working...

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they frequently look like level 70 rogues.. Wink

stupid rogues. Biggrin

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Okay, I have joined.

Hope none of you are really axe murderers :O

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