We have a new cover artist!

  • Posted on: 7 December 2011
  • By: MeiLin

Our new cover artist for the History is Beatriz González, who hails from Spain. I found her on deviantArt and was immediately struck by her artwork. We should have a preliminary sketch next week! I'm excited to be working with Bea, as much as I'll miss Alice, and look forward to what she comes up with.


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Boo, no Alice! Yay, Beatriz! I went to her site, oooo.... pretty...

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... agree with this.

Capriox wrote:
Yay, Beatriz! I went to her site, oooo.... pretty...
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...and it probably means keeping the art-nouveau-ish style, yay!

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Most High

That's what I was looking for. That's the History's branding, to put it in crass marketing terms. Smile

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you will have two artists to chose between for Book 2! The one good thing with self publishing is that you actually get to chose your covers.

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