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Alice Fox, Official Portraitist to the Court of Harsin the IV and the kickass artist behind the book one cover and all of the character concept art on this site, is too injured to do the cover for book two. I am really upset, mostly for her--she's got some kind of carpal tunnel-y thing going on that's really painful--but of course also for me. The work she did on book one was spectacular, and I was so very much looking forward to her work on book two.

So. If you are or know an artist conversant in book cover design and who can handle original art in an Alphonse Mucha/art nouveau style, get me your portfolio and a rate sheet.


Posted on 11/29/2011 - 11:47pm


MsGamgee's picture

Oh no!

I know I have an artist friend who's VERY into Mucha; I'll contact her.

"'Cause there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo... and it's worth fightin' for."

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I don't know a specific

I don't know a specific artist that fits your description, but I have had good luck with placing jobs on the Etsy Alchemy page.

Basically, you'd go to,visit the Alchemy page, list what you wanted, when, how much you were willing to pay, and images of your current artwork so the potential artist would have a good idea of what you want.

Then the artists contact you with their offers, how much they want to be paid, portfolio images, etc.

In the end, you find something/someone you want, hire them, and all is well.

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Thanks, Keryl!

I may do that. I hadn't even thought of etsy. I was digging through deviantart last night, but the one artist I really, really, REALLY wanted (Megan Lara) isn't taking commissions right now. One of my friends is working on a presentation, and I'll go look at etsy now. Thanks for the tip! (Also a review copy will be headed your way when the time comes. Smiling )

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so much for that idea!

Etsy has discontinued Alchemy. Sad

Gudy's picture

Oh no...

... that blows! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is evil. Also, I was really looking forward to a new Alice Fox cover for the new book.


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You and me both

I'm just crushed. I feel so bad for her. Sad

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Dirty drat!

I was going to suggest janey-jane over on deviantart, but looks like she's booked up too (which seems to be par for the course for artists this time of year).

Poor Alice -- I hope she recovers soon. Carpal tunnel's rotten for anybody, but doubly so in this case. *selfishly missing the cover that might have been* Sad

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