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What are people's favorite holiday-time recipes? For those that don't know/remember, I'm in my first year of law school and looking for comfort foods to keep me from behaving as though I stepped out of The Paper Chase during the upcoming exams (though sans ridiculous 1973 hair...).

So what are your favorite treats (sweet or not)? No matter how you celebrate and what, and what kind of dietary preferences/restrictions you may have, what do you do for that most beloved part of the holidays - eating?

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Making sugar cut-out cookies from scratch for frosting/decorating and much sugary eating. It's a slightly epic undertaking, best done in one evening with the company of family and/or friends *grins*.

Home-made apple pie.

Christmas meringues! So light and fluffy and sweet and Christmas-y!

Candy canes in general, one of the few forms of pure sugar I actually enjoy.

Home-made-from-scratch almond crescents, om nom nom nom.

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Most High

WITH nuts. And caramels. And fresh marshmallows in good hot chocolate. Yes I'm about the sweets.

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Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies.... I keep a large batch of the dough in my fridge almost all winter long, and bake up a dozen or so as needed. Gives me my sweet, and my good for me at the same time. Smile

Home made apple sauce

baked apples

Snicker doodles

Home made Eggnog (the dairy will kick my ass literally, but I love it so)

Eatable Fruit Cake

Gingerbread houses

Mixed nuts in their shells

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows, Amaretto liqueur, with Biscotti for dunking

and a Large & semi secret stash of Maple Sugar candy.

We try and balance the treats a bit.

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