Island girl

I'm a 22 year old female from Newfoundland, Canada. Art student, fairly quiet, pretty weird in general compared to everyone I live around. (Lucky for me, art school is full of weird people.) I'm actually just graduating, I'm doing my very last courses now to earn my degree. I'm currently in England completing some art history courses and I hope to move in with my boyfriend who lives across the province a couple of months after I get home.
In other words, this is a pretty exciting time in my life.
I'm going to keep this positive and end my description there. Wink
I'm really enjoying this web novel. I've usually stuck to web comics so far, but I have found that in school I never had time to pick up a book, and reading a chapter-by-chapter style of story has been much more suitable to the way I enjoy things.
Plus I love the interesting situations and sex and so on. I've got a facination with bisexual characters...
so yeah.

Hi. Smile

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Most High

I love Canada. Smile

Welcome, and I'm glad you got an account!

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I also am a fan of web comics. Found this wonderful work and Tales of Mu through a link from Something Positive and have been hooked on both since. Welcomes and good luck with finishing your degree.

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Do you have an online portfolio or anything? I'm always looking for interesting stuff to look at...

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I love hearing good things about people's lives Biggrin I'm so happy for you that things are going so lovely now for you!

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