8 is up early

  • Posted on: 12 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Don't get used to this; I'm posting early because I'm so worried about the NEXT chapter (I was worried about finishing this one, so I'm probably good to go on Saturday, but still). I'm sure it's Thursday somewhere. Just west of Greenwich, yeah. This one's for you, uh, west-of-Greenwich'ers. (What's west of Greenwich? I really need to sleep off this cold or I'd google.)

Some of you, maybe most of you, maybe all of you, won't like this chapter. Temmin isn't so likable in it. But never worry, he's young and there's time.

Oh, and there's more badly written sex. Wink

Looking at ye olde donation targette, we are on track for a Saturday update, with a $25 margin. Go you guys! The tracker resets whenever I post the Saturday chapter, and the amount goes up to $20 for 3/21's target.

Other than that, I'm still dying of some consumptive lung disease struggling with a bad cold. I'm also contemplating where to stash my best friend's body after she spilled part of my brand-new bottle of BPAL's Her Voice. See, she usually helps me with that kinda thing...


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I was wondering why it was out so early. Actually, I'm still wondering. Your explanation in this post was far from satisfactory. Blum 3

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Most High

...if it's that jarring. Or hold the next one until Sunday. Whatever makes you guys happy.


In all seriousness I am absolutely terrified I'll miss an update, that I'll hit a writer's block and it won't resolve and you all go away and I'll suck. So when the story is flowing, I'm like GO GO GO! WRITE WRITE WRITE!

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Nah, I wasn't complaining.

Just one thought—you'd already written the chapter at the time you decided to post, right? So it's great that you finished writing it a little early. But you could have waited to post it, and stuck to the schedule, yes? Or are you one of those people who needs to post as soon as you finish writing?

Not trying to boss you around or anything Smile

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Most High

...my tendency is to post it. Mostly because as wacky as things are around here, heaven knows when I'd get another chance. Blum 3

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Considering I'm the world's worst procrastinator, I have a tendency to write ahead. With my serial (not published yet), I'm resolved to writing 7 episodes ahead for each, so I can have 2 for the release and five in the wings. I'm an insufferable editor and with a biweekly posting schedule, it'll give me time to edit the chapter about to be posted and write the one ahead. Hell, it works with the fanfiction I write. I'm a full story ahead of the one that's already written. Hey, whatever works! Now I have your story to catch up on. I Heart secks.

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