Martial peeps: I need some help

  • Posted on: 23 August 2011
  • By: MeiLin

I need a consult on small skirmish on horseback techniques, especially spears vs swords! Three of each, swords have element of surprise, fairly narrow environs--ambush environment. If this is a stupid scenario, I need to know that too. THANK YOU!


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I'm not much of an expert (I've been studying war for a long time, and 15th century martial arts for a few years, but I've never ridden) but feel free to send an email to my account.

I think I’ve said this before, but the Northwest Fencing Academy or Vancouver Edit: Academie Duello! could be really helpful for the martial stuff if you can afford a trip and coffee with someone. The Academie has a mounted combat program based on 15th century martial arts, and both schools have nice, knowledgeable people.

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Most High

And yes, you have and I keep forgetting. I hate leaving the house, let aloen the city, but we do occasionally head down to Eugene; next time we do I'll see if I can make an appointment. An excuse to return to wonderful Vancouver BC would be terrific--I just love Vancouver, and I might even be able to write it off as a business expense. If I ever get over my distaste for getting passports and stuff, I may seriously do that. Boy, that'd be great. Smile


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I have no idea what specific part of getting passports annoys you, and also know basically nothing about passport cards. But I know they'll get you through the Canadian border and fit in your wallet. Both of which are good, right?

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Most High

is travel itself. I despise it. I don't mind trains, really. I rather like trains--

No, I'll tell you what it is. I am a nervous person--anxious is perhaps a better word. I don't like going into situations where I don't know what the routine is--I don't know where I'm going, or what I'm supposed to do, or what will (generally speaking) happen. It makes me a very bad traveler. I don't even like to go to unfamiliar parts of my own city, and I really hate doing anything where I'm unsure what's expected of me, even down to making a phone call. It makes me very shy of going anywhere unfamiliar by myself.

In short, I need a keeper. Oh for a Jeeves.

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Help! I need an adult! Smile

That's a common phrase coming from her, and the other day she realized that SHE'S the adult now and wanted to know "who flipped the adult switch?" Smile

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{{hug}} I'm terrible about traveling as well. Anxious, yes, and also introversion - my idea of luxury and a good time is the comfortable and familiar, not the hassle and stress of the unpredictable *wry* So travel is very draining.

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are such a farmer...

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Natural selection Wink A livestock farmer who likes/wants to travel a lot will be culled quickly.

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...but my experience with horsies is 0, though I did go to a racetrack once. Kinda wish someone else had put something about it in here, was interested to find out about it.

If you do ever make your way to Vancouver, I'd love to see what you learn here.

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