o hai

I'm not quite sure what to put here, but I have this shiny new account-thingy on my hands, there's this introduction forum, and it just seems like I should do something. I'm a former lit major (Former due to graduation, not due to being struck by the futility of it all and making a screaming flight from the library stacks) who is thrilled to have found a story on the web that is not fanfiction by another name. I'm also part of that apparently-small group of readers in their 20s I saw discussed in several other introductions; maybe we're less small than we suspected. That's really all I can think of now, so...

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Yes, the more we seem to be admitting our ages, the more of us there seem to be around the 20 or so age group >

Also *big hug* welcome to the group - we are very glad to have you ^___^

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Most High

We're glad to have you Smile

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Thank you both for the warm welcome. So far, the site just keeps getting better and better.

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