Greetings and Fellicitations

Greetings fellow deviants, perverts and pranksters :jawdrop:

Have been following this most excellent serialisation for a while now and think it is one of the best around.

Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ to my fellow readers and a big thank you to MeiLin Miranda

Please keep up the good work

Lord Playboy

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Always looking out for others, never for yourself...

But hi there LPB, and welcome!

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I'm not sure, but I thought I was in the pervert category Blum 3

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You forgot the deranged as well.

8) I am fine really... *twitch

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That is most definately me!.....Anyways greetings and welcome to the club.

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Hi *waves enthusiastically* nice to meet you Smile

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konbanwa, buenos noches, dobriday, and all that stuff.

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Hi all,

Having just read through some of the other introductions, I see that most people actually included some details about themselves !

So I guess I will try and expand on the brief ‘Hi’ comment I opened this thread with.

I am a 38 year old Englishman that has lived and worked in Cambodia for the last 5 years

Before Cambodia I was based in London, but worked internationally in many different places on many different types of projects – New York, Paris, Milan, Zurich, et cetera…

Currently working as the Commercial Manager (that would be COO to any Americans reading this) for a large international company’s Cambodia operation – although have only been with this company for 2 months.

As well as the day job, my wife and I own a hair salon, a bureau de change, half of a bar and restaurant and a movie production company (my wife is an actress and my mother in law is a screenwriter/director/producer)

All very busy here !

As well as all that I own a share in the biggest and busiest website about Cambodia in the world !!!
( Smile not that big a claim really when you consider how few people in Cambodia have internet access)

I also used to write articles and reviews for the website, but I never seem to have the time to write myself anymore, which I miss and really want to try and get back into.

Plus I keep getting distracted by net novels like IHGK and Tales of MU – both of which I read the entire archives of in a week and set myself back only several work projects (oops)

Anyway, enough ramblings from me, please keep up the good writing - can not wait too see what happens next


Lord Playboy

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Most High

You're probably our most far-flung reader! What an interesting life!

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I'm jealous. Sounds more interesting than anything I do. (Marri = code monkey, at least 80 hours out of the week)

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