Hello! I'm just returning to the forums today, having read the story-so-far a couple days ago. I left during the hiatus.

So... I'm wondering about the projected schedule, compared with the drafts. Book 1 will be finished in October -- what exactly is book 1? Does that take us through Emmae's story? Are Macca's and Rose's stories in books 2 and 3? Are those parts edited already, will they follow book 1 without interruption?

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Most High quote a certain Captain Tightpants. Smile

Welcome back!

The drafts are 100% deprecated, though right now Macca and Rose are scheduled to appear in later books. (If somehow they don't, their stories will be told in standalone form. I think I'll be telling Tremont stories the rest of my life.) Emmae's story is complete in book 1; how far Temmin gets I will not say.

You can still access the drafts, but it's $5/mo as a patron member. In addition you also get other premium content like wallpapers, the standalone short stories I sell, and the ability to ask questions/read "Ask a Tremontine." More info here.

Book 2 is ENTIRELY different. ENTIRELY. New story-in-story, new framing story. There may be bits of writing from the originals, but they'll be in a completely different context.

As for book 2 following book 1 here on the site: That's the plan. As things stand now, book 1 is actually going to finish up some time in November (or you can just buy it now). Gods willing book 2 will be ready to release by then. So far it's barely on schedule. Unlike book 1 I'm starting from near-scratch.

That's how it is. Smile

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That's the first I've heard of the book 2 schedule plan (if it's been said elsewhere, forgive me my ditziness)! Yay!!! Glad to hear it's more-or-less on track Wink

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When can we expect the next book IHOTGK?

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Most High

I'm focusing right now on beating the entire series timeline into submission. It looks like book 3 will be focusing on Sedra and her betrothal to Bannig of Sairland, and book 4 will jump forward in time a few years. It's been changing day to day. I'm sorry these things take me so long to write. It's why I'm working on the timeline for the whole series now, so that I can get the rest out more quickly.

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Thank you! Son in Sorrow was so wonderfully written that I've been eagerly awaiting the next book. I can't wait to know what happens.

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