Another five-star review!

  • Posted on: 13 July 2011
  • By: MeiLin

Another five-star review, this time from Sift Book Reviews:

"Anyone who enjoys political fantasy and enjoys or doesn't mind erotica will absolutely enjoy this."

The bad review is out there lurking, kraken-like, I just know it, but it hasn't surfaced yet. Smile

(Speaking of the kraken...)


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Have you see this one as well?

And as for bad reviews -- well, since you had to bring it up, let me state here for the record that Lovers and Beloveds stank worse than vinegar syrup, skunk cabbage souffle, and moldy parmesan soap all mixed. The characters were fictional, the plot thickened, and everything ground to a halt on the last page. I shall most certainly be buying the second installment, if only to see if it inspires even more noxious, noisome, and odious comparisons, because they are fun to come up with.

I give it one one-hundredth of one star, which is worse than no stars because you can't see it even though you know it's there. So nyah.

First bad review, over and done. Smile

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Most High

And raise you! If you're looking at this after the shirt.woot scrolls off, this is what it was today:

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Dunno where this trend of cuddlifying sea monsters came from but I so hope it continues. Biggrin

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Most adorable thing sneezed out of a person's nose ver ;-D

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... the second morning in a row that you've made me giggle in front of the screen. Thank you! Biggrin

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Edit: With his permission and at his request, let me just throw in a link right here to the guy who snapped the original photo of the handheld octopus. Because anybody who catches a minikraken, gets a minicloud of ink puffed at him, and lives to share the pic deserves some kind of kudos, don't you think? Biggrin

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