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Hey everyone! Like a few of you, I have been reading this wonderful webnovel for a couple months now but have only just become a member. So here’s a little about me:

I'm a 20 year old college student, majoring in kinesiology looking to get a career in physical or occupational therapy. I have a passion for the outdoors and especially the mountains, but since I live in flat, hot, humid, muggy Louisiana, I have to go on vacation or travel for thousands of miles to find the places I truly love. (The highest landmasses anywhere around here are the levees, and those are only about 20-30 feet high – they hardly pass for mountains.) I have a steady boyfriend of 3 years, and would be married right now, but for each of our strict parents who think we are too young… Stories like the amazing world created by MeiLin really give me a lot to look forward to when I finally do get married. Another snippet about me: I am a packrat, but an organized one. I had no idea how much STUFF I had until I had to move back home from campus for the summer. I had everything set up nicely in my apartment, but when I had to move back home, the stuff overflowed my room!!! (Been cleaning for a while now, and made some progress, but dang, I have too much stuff!) My life right now is fairly simple (and boring), so I won't delve into it any more, but hopefully it will get more exciting in the near future. Sorry for rambling. Blum 3

Now to my thoughts about the webnovel: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! I absolutely love your work MeiLin, the details and characterization really make me feel like I am a part of each story. Also, the mature aspects of some chapters are written in an excellent manner – not overdone, but described and detailed so realistically that you can actually feel and experience the scene for yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us – please keep up the amazingness!!!!!

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Most High

Thanks! Smile Welcome to the site. This is a wonderful place to be, and the readers make it so.

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I'm...rather quiet around here, I'll admit that. I'm usually poking around every now and again (but I'm a double major with three jobs, so I can't spend copious amounts of time refreshing Wink ), usually at odd hours. But I realized something while driving yesterday (yay for DC traffic!)

I'm beginning to talk to the characters. Now, I talk to myself alot, so it's not unusual for me to talk while in the car. I also tend to talk to my characters (yes, I have tons of bad fiction sitting in my head). But I've actually held conversations with Allis, Issak, and Sedra (not all at the same time though). They're becoming very real for me, and that is the best compliment that I (personally) can bestow upon a writer. The people you write about, even though I don't know all of their personal histories - I can have a conversation with them out of the blue.

No. I'm not crazy. I'm not schizophrenic. My mother has had me tested (she came home one day and I was talking to the couch when I was 17 or so). The official word is that I'm 'extremely imaginative.'

I also have a fond love of parenthesis today...who knew?

And welcome, SkyRider, to the family!! *bighugs*

I'll stop hijacking your thread now.

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Most High

Thank you!

My whole writing thing started when I started having conversations with the Ninth Doctor; I know just what you mean, and I'm so flattered that my characters are real enough for you to talk to. I'm rather curious what they say to you!

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