Obligatory Wedding Update Post

So this is the obligatory wedding update post. We've picked out our invitations. You can view them here: http://is.gd/nsCMg2 We're going to get the RSVP cards and use the personalized stamps. Well we're not sure about the stamps. They get up to about $20 a page.

I've also picked a dress that you can view here: http://is.gd/dMH4gV I LOVE this dress. It's even going to be only about $120 because the shop is in China. I'm doing research on the company to make sure I'm getting what I want and not some horrific monstrosity. I'm leaning towards wearing royal blue Chucks for my wedding shoe. Though as I'm only 5'3 I love my heels. Also it makes dancing that much more...lovely as Jay is 5'9. I have to find comfy shoes!

We're not having a traditional wedding cake. We're planning on doing wedding cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes. I love them! Though the groomscake will be in the shape of an Xbox 360. Our reception food will be Southern Comfort. We want you to be sleepy and happy when you leave us. We plan on having things like chicken fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pot roast, peach cobbler, banana pudding, veggie red beans and rice, veggie chicken and dumplings, candied yams, shrimp and grits, fried catfish and etc.

We also want you guys to know that you'll all be invited. We plan on live streaming the wedding. It just wouldn't be one with out all you wonderful people. Smile

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Most High

"We want you to be sleepy and happy when you leave us." hee! I love Southern food, but it don't love me (gluten/starch). I do love greens cooked forever with ham bones, though. I can eat that, and frequently do in the winter!

I look forward to the stream!

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That sounds smashin'. Though I shall feel terribly hungry watching.

Right that's it. I'm putting the South, and all the food implied, on my List of Stuff to Do.

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oh my goodness, that dress is -gorgeous-!!!

Livestreaming your wedding - what a lovely idea! Thank you! Hope all continues to go smoothly with the planning Smile

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I concur - that dress is WONDERFULLY gorgeous! And the food sounds yummy. You don't happen to be in TN, do you... *contemplates the idea of wedding crashing just for the food* Smile

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*fantastic* dress.

I bought a wedding dress from a shop in China a few years ago (via eBay) and it was completely gorgeous. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your experience with this similar situation is as smooth as mine was.

Big huge massive congratulations to you!

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looks amazing!

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That dress is gorgeous. And yay, wedding cupcakes! I want to have wedding cupcakes too (no firm plans at all yet). I look forward to the stream! Dance 4

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I love that dress! I saw it and fell completely in love with it! I've got some shoes in mind, but they've got a 5.75 inch heel. I'm gonna have to bustle the heck out of it for the reception. So now I'm torn between the royal blue chucks and the hooker heels as my mama calls them.

This is what our cupcakes will look like: http://is.gd/uErTaH I heart them so much!

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Wow on that dress - I think I just drooled a bit on my keyboard.

Looks like things are going along quite well, so I'll wish you smooth sailing as your plan come together!

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I got engaged in March of this year and my wedding's planned for June next year. I picked blue and white for my colors also because I'm traditional, but also because blue is my favorite color. I LOVE your dress choice - it's absolutely GORGEOUS and I may have to steal your invitation style or at least the website. Smile Also, for future reference, instead of personalized postage stamps, you might want to consider personalized self inking return address stamps. They aren't quite as expensive as the postage stamps and they are reusable Smile

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