I have "un-losted" myself...I cannot claim in any way that I have "found myself"

So....I had managed to fall off the planet after a fashion, finishing my bachelor's and generally running around not unlike beheaded poultry...I figured I'd go ahead and reintroduce myself back into the fun, if there is still fun to be had? Bought the e-book, so I am excited to get back into this fantastic story.

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I think that the most important thing about poultry is that, decapitated or not, it remains delicious.

Welcome back!

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Welcome back, fella! Good to see you. We've had a staff member keeping your seat warm.

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I can't believe it. There's a penis joke RIGHT THERE, waiting to be made. Why doesn't my mind work this late at night?

Anyway, welcome back to the fold.

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that's right, a member of our staff kept the seat warm with his member.

Or was it a member keeping it warm with his staff?

either works, in the end.

(subtext is key)

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Welcome back! And congrats on getting your bachelor's degree H)

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... fun to be had. Welcome back and congratulations on the bachelor's!

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