For Premium Members: Father Nino answers a question in Ask a Tremontine

  • Posted on: 1 June 2011
  • By: MeiLin

Father Nino has answered a question in the Ask a Tremontine forum available to premium members:

W4069 asks: Some religions go to great lengths to squelch dissenting voices and challenges to religious authority. Other orders are content to let-happen, confident that they're right anyway.

Is Tremontine theology open to interpretation and debate, or does somebody keep a close hand on permissible beliefs? Do commoners have prayer books, or must you go to a priest to get your spiritual fix?

Prayer books? Everyone has the prayers memorized. Why would anyone write them down. The Sagas, on the other hand...well, those who can afford them have copies, of course, and the rest can't read anyway, so why would they?



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Funny... I was just wondering a very similar question the other night. Strange how these things sometimes work out!

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