Wedding Updates part Deux

We picked a date! Yay! We're going to the JoP July 8th. I've even got a cute sundress in mind to wear! We're already planning stuff for the vowel renewal, but a friend from church is a wedding planner so less stress!

We have run into another small problem. My engagement ring doesn't fit. It was supposed to be a size 7, but it actually measures in at 6 and 1/4. The band in EXTREMELY thin, and the jeweler can't easily resize it. So, we have to get the whole thing remounted. Sad

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Most High

Yay for the date and aagh for the ring! :love-oni:

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Congrats on setting the date and getting plans underway! I hope the remounting isn't going to cost much.

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I am really excited about it. We're inviting our friends from church out to dinner with us afterward. The ring on the other hand...well we're taking it to Kay to have it done...they said something about $700. Sad Everywhere else would be higher than that I believe. We're still checking.

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Many jewelry stores tend to send work out to be done and add middleman costs (for ... touching it?). If you can find the people who do their work, I'm betting you could get a significant discount. They're not always easy to find, but they often put out their own shingle in addition to the work they do for the chains. Look for an independent jeweler that advertises their repair business and mostly doesn't sell anything. The quotes from the chains are all going to be similar.

I'm really glad you're getting it reset though. It would be heartbreaking to lose it and those thin bands break so easily. There might be an alternative though. Not having seen it, I don't know what the situation is exactly, but if it's the stone that's important, you might be able to buy a separate setting for less than $700 and have the stone set into it for a fairly nominal fee.

Good luck.

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thanks! I was freaking because I purposely researched a ring in which I got what I want for a low price. Off to google I go!

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