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I have to whine a little, especially since my car is my profile pic. I was in an accident last week Monday. I'm ok. The other driver is ok. I got a ticket for failing to yield (I did yield, but apparently not enough to avoid being hit by someone who sped up when the light turned yellow). Yesterday, my insurance told me the car is a total loss. I am devastated.

It isn't just losing my car. It is that I will likely end up in a new car payment when I would have been done with this one at the end of September. I had made plans to use the money I wasn't going to be spending on the car to go back to martial arts and also to save so I can finally get out of Vegas. I hate it here. I've always hated it here. I'm getting really unhappy with my job. I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel and thought maybe we'd actually get out next summer. That is what was getting me through each day. I have to stay at least until the end of September because my company has a cash balance plan that vests at 3 years of employment. That is a couple thousand dollars I can't give up with 4 months left until I can keep it. Since I won't move my kid to a new school in the middle of his first year of middle school, it means staying until next summer. I was prepared to deal with that since I had a clear and definitely do-able plan. I know we can make a new plan, but we've been making indefinite plans since we moved here 11 years ago. We've never had anything that we could count on. To get out of here, I need to be sure we have enough money to make up for my loss of a job until I get a new one in Colorado (which is where we really want to be). David's job will move, mine won't.

Also, my supervisor, who I love, is quitting because the supervisors are pretty much abused at my job. Having her to talk to when I got sick of talking to unhappy people on the phone really helped make work a little better. No idea who will replace her.

I know it isn't the end of the world, but right now I kinda feel like it. It is one thing after another and I feel like things really fell apart yesterday and I just don't know what to do at this point.

Thank you all for letting me whine at you . . . again

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Oh no! That really sucks Sad ::HUGS:: I don't have any really helpful advice, but hang in there, and feel free to vent here any time.

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Various thoughts:
-Can you get any money from your insurance to help buy a new car, since they're not paying for repairs to the old one?

-Ways to make a new car possibly cheaper: 12 month lease or buying used (from a reputable place, like dealerships, or old rental cars from a big place like Hertz or National)

Also, hugs! I am sorry this happened, it sucks Sad I was also the victim of a sped-up-at-yellow driver, who hadn't bothered to notice that I as the car in front of her was stopping for said light. Such drivers, when inattentive, are evil. Hate upon them.

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Awww! I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't have any advice, but like Andrea said feel free to vent anytime. Smile I also think that Mari has some really good ideas.

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I hope you're able to find a reasonable car with the replacement payout from your insurance company.

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Most High

Spin a little. It may at least help you regain some equilibrium.

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After my deductible and paying off the little left on my Mustang, I'll be getting just under $6000 from the insurance. We applied at my credit union for a car loan. Found out my FICO score is 681. D's is 581. They denied us the loan because of D's credit. Ran it under just me and approved me for up to $18000 at 3.99% APR. We searched all sorts of dealers and found a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe with 38,300 miles on it. The salesman at the dealership did not give us any hassle about the price they wanted vs what D said we'd pay. It came to 13,541 out the door, including taxes and fees. It means a car payment, but when we get the money from the insurance, most can be tucked into savings to make moving out easier. Yes, it could go into the car payment and shorten that term or drop the payments, but then it would take us a while to save up that much so we could leave. For our needs, saving even half of it and putting the rest into the car will help a lot. Also, having 4wd will be very good for moving to Colorado. So, things are looking a little better Smile

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But I am quite happy for you guys. I know an extra payment sucks...but good luck with the move!

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