New banners, Second Life, etc.

  • Posted on: 12 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I got the idea for this series after Katie came up with some banners for me. I like 'em. New readership is languishing, folks, so any way you can help spread the word, please do. If you have a MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal or other blog, please remember to blogroll or otherwise link It costs you nothing and gets the word out. We've got a hardcore 500-600 daily readers, but I need to at least double that.

If you're on Second Life, I've put out a "preview" notecard of the book at my china store (Mirandaware) on Mill Pond. Please feel free to take a copy of the book that dispenses it and put it in your own home or shop. I'm thinking about organizing a reading there. Oh--I'll also be in world attending Netroots Nation next month, so watch for me to be a little more active in SL in the coming weeks. My SL name is the same as my pen name, so I'm easy to find/recognize. Smile

And finally, chapter four is almost done. Anda comes for lunch. Wackiness and teh hanky ensues.


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-holds out hands- please? please?

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Most High

I has a full cup of tea, I just had a double decaf espresso, I got my mojo bag tucked in my bra--baby, I'm ready to write.

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Also, that is a great place to keep your mojo bag...I'm going to have to give that one a go.

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