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The President is just about to get on and confirm that Osama bin Laden is dead and we have his body.


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Most High

fuck yeah.

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While I am glad that he's dead and gone, I worry now about what ripples this is going to cause. He's just become a martyr to his men - what is their reaction going to be to us killing their leader? Will they ramp up attacks, to prove that they don't need him, they can do just fine on their own? Will they strike us here again? We knew the face of terrorism, but now a new face will step into the vacuum that has been created - and we don't yet know who that is.

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... symbolically powerful, but that's something that cuts both ways, I'd imagine. Does it actually represent anything approaching progress in dealing with the problem of international terrorism, Islamic or otherwise? I highly doubt that.

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I would speculate (and speculate alone) that this hurts parts of Al Qaeda pretty well. He was an inspiring figurehead and a source of significant funds. I don't believe the rest of his family was swept up in his beliefs, so that hurts. Plus, his continued survival was a sort of taunt to us--no longer an effective one.

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Most High

There is no shrine, no emotional focus. My expectation is that he will fade like Hitler. We needed to get him, if only to prove that we are not a toothless tiger. He was taunting us from a compound that HAD to have been built and maintained with the blessing of the Pakistani Army, based on its location alone--an enclave inhabited almost exclusively by the Army, its officers and its retirees. It was within sight of their "West Point."

This is the kind of action we needed to be pursuing from the beginning, not these sprawling "wars on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Terror is a criminal act, a technique not a place. It needs to be treated as a criminal act, not a military one.

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Good riddance. I'm glad he lived to see the Arab Spring: a dozen uprisings, and none of them is lead by people with counter-rotating eyeballs who think God cares a great deal about how you trim your hair. He's waited for decades to lead a revolution in the Arab world, and now there is one but the rebels are ignoring him.

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