Is there a CSS Doctor in the house?

Hey you guys--


I hate CSS, which I think I've mentioned. Oh, not the good parts of CSS, all font-y and background-y instantaneous goodness. No, the bad part--the positioning part. I have been making pages since 1994, and I have tables on the brain. I mean, I can make tables stand on their heads. They make sense to me. CSS positioning makes me nuts.

I am trying to get the big rectangle ad at the bottom of the page over to the right underneath both columns. It is not cooperating, and in the process I've managed to bork things so that there's a left-right scroll, which is making me crazy.


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I'll need to see the code you're working with, but off the top of my head...

What positioning are you using? Absolute is the easiest, but everything is measured from the top left corner of the browser window. Relative lets you do all sorts of fun stuff - like keeping content centered as the browser window resized - but it's quite a bit more complicated and - to be honest - rather fragile. Adding elements tweaks the entire layout, because all elements are positions relative to each other.

So... I'm not sure how you want to get in touch with me. If you follow my Twitter feed ( I'll happily send you a direct message with my email address. Odds are the one I used to register my account here is my unmonitored junkmail account...

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Just checked. The email address I used to register here is in fact a live address. Feel free to email me.

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Are you using CSS layers to position things? I find using an external style sheet to define the positions of various layers to be useful.

The horizontal scroll is there because something within the content area is exceeding the defined width of your DIV. This tends to happen most frequently with graphics and table definitions.

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