Hard writing

  • Posted on: 13 April 2011
  • By: MeiLin

I hope I can talk about this without spoilers or too much conjecture:

I just wrote the pivotal scene in book two. It's a scene that I have dreaded writing since I outlined the book. I thought of every way to avoid it, but after a long talk with Netta I knew it's what had to happen.

I have danced around this scene with an adroitness I didn't know I possessed. I have put it off, distracted myself, written around it. Over time the writing began to circle closer and closer to it, like one of those funnels you drop a coin into. Yesterday morning the coin finally fell. I woke up with the scene in my head. I started crying.

I wrote the scene yesterday. I spent today editing and expanding it. I've cried off and on throughout. To get this miserable about things I've made up in my head strikes me as a sign that perhaps I really am mad. But there it is.

I'm more than halfway through the book; because of this scene I've been writing out of order, and now that it's finally written I feel that things are falling into place. I just wish they didn't have to fall into place like this. But they do.


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If it's any comfort, I'm crying with you every step of the way.

*hugs* and *hugs* and *hugs*

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::lots of hugs::

Hopefully this was a cathartic moment, and things will improve overall for you.

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The subject says it all, really. To repeat:

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You can do this Mei! Thank you for already putting so much into your work - it really shows and makes it an incredible read when we do get to see it SmileSmile

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It is our abilities to imagine our selves as others, and to empathize and sympathize with others, even imaginary others that shows how great and true a heart and soul someone has..... Please do not bewail your caring and generous heart that has been given to you in the same wondrous and full measure as your talent... I know it hurts at times... but it is why your characters are so life like and real to us the readers.

HUGS and Thanks for giving us the gifts of your heart and mind.

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