And now the real thing...

The doc called me tonight with a firm plan for getting this child out. I am to report to labor & delivery Sunday night at 6:00pm for the beginning of the induction. He is waiting until evening so the best hospitalist, the one we both like, will be on staff for the evening. Smile They are going to start me on the Cytotek, like they did last time, to finish getting my body prepped and hopefully convince it to go into labor on its own. I had the best (and only!) results from that drug last time - too well, as it turned out, since they were unable to give me a second dose because my contractions were too close together.

So yes, start the Cytotek and then I sleep (hopefully). In the morning, we'll see if I've made any progress. If I have, they'll move me on to the Pitocin to keep it moving. If I stall out on the Pit, they'll do a C-section. If I fail to progress on the Cytotek, they'll skip the Pit and go to a C-section. The doc promised that I would not leave the hospital without a live baby in my arms. It was so tempting to ask him if he was going to steal one - he should know better than to promise live babies!

We finally have a real plan for me having a kid. It will probably be Monday before anything happens, unless my body goes "oh hey - we tried this before, we'll cooperate now" - which is highly unlikely, as it's never cooperated with anything before. FB will, as usual, be updated when there is stuff to update and once I am back on my feet I will update here. Fingers crossed, y'all!

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Most High

Keep us posted if you can, we're rootin' for ya! Cap, send her some birthing vibes! Biggrin

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I have had excellent labors for all my goats so far - there's some really good 'having babies' mojo in the spring up air up here, and I'm wishing all of it your way, Tigger!!! Good luck to you and the little one in you!

*great big squish-out-the-baby hug*

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Good luck! You can do it, baby!

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where's the baby????

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