Good news and bad news

  • Posted on: 8 June 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Bad news: I'm just not gonna get a chapter out this weekend. It's not gonna happen. So take Katie's second story for now, and watch for an extra chapter this week.

Good news: I'm feeling fairly well today (I have a chronic illness and can rarely say this), it's a beautiful day, and I'm going to get some housework done.

Bad news: Cuts into the writing. But I need to take care of my family at some point!

Good news: I finally figured out how to embed fonts in a pdf exported from, which is what I use to write this thing. Why is that good news? It's good news, because I am *this close* to having the first book ready to buy from I'm just finishing up the cover work, then I have to order my own copy to make sure things are the way they're supposed to be, then I'll make it available to all y'all.

Bad news: Ad sales and donations are way down.

Good news: Your "just a dollar" is even more critical today than ever, as are your links to the story (we *really* need more links, guys). Every little thing you can do to help out is so appreciated.

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