'Firefly' back on cable - and that's not all

First off - I know there's a core of fans around here, so if you haven't seen it already, go check out http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/web/02/23/bring.back.firefly/index.html which links to news of Firefly coming to the Science Channel in March.

More importantly, Mal and Kaylee would be happy to make more episodes and Mal would even buy the rights if he won the lottery according to a recent interview. I guess $100k/episode for Castle isn't quite enough, but still, there's a website talking seriously about support. It's likely that Nathan Fillion (Mal) wasn't terribly serious, but if he was...Let's get the Captain his money.

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that it was actually new stuff being put on the air, and that it was a very real possibility that Nathan Fillion would be able to buy the rights. I love Firefly and Serenity - it's not for a random reason my puppy is named Inara, and that we tossed around the idea of naming our child Kaylee if it was a girl. Biggrin

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The site trying to raise funds for Nathan is trying to get him to start a Kickstarter account. $300M is a lotta cash. I dunno if it can be raised. Though one cool/funny thing happened: A browncoat from the California Lottery sent him a scratch ticket and a card that said "Good luck!" Smile

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http://helpnathanbuyfirefly.com/ says their intended use doesn't agree with Kickstarter's TOS, and Nathan's saying don't send money. But if it gets serious, I'm sure they would.

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There's a fan page for this! Fan page And you will find that Netta is already a fan...

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