Two things

First: I just got my copy of the History. Canada post had put the envelope into a plastic wrapper apologising for the damage. Fortunately, the damage was all to the envelope.

The book itself is beautiful. I was thinking of giving my copy to the library, but I don't know if I want to. It's too gorgeous to give up!

Second: Mei, have you ever heard of Terry Fallis? He's originally a self-published novelist, and his book "the best laid plans" is currently competing for Canada Reads, which is basically the biggest literary deal this side of the 49th parallel. Made me think of you.
He couldn't get any publishers to pick up his book, and so he started podcasting it, once chapter at a time. Ended up building a huge loyal customer base, then ultimately self-published.

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Most High

And I may at some point. I REALLY want to podcast the Gulch. REALLY. I have music and everything. I just have to find time and a quiet space, both of which are at a premium around here. And I also have to find editing software that deigns to work on my computer. And yes, I have Audacity, or "fucking Audacity" as I call it.

I haven't heard of Terry but I'll try to check him out. I love Canadians. Smile

ETA: Yay! You got the book! You're the second person I'm aware of, both internationals, who had their packages get damaged in transit. I may have to change my shipping packaging for overseas.

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