Interview with Me

  • Posted on: 1 February 2011
  • By: MeiLin

Haven't had enough of me? Hey, there's plenty of me to go around! Fellow writer and Broad Universe member Tracy Morris interviews me about crowdfunding, self-publishing, my "stupidity" in publishing my first draft online (my word, not hers), BPAL and more over at her LJ.


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I think you interview well, Mei!

What's this about a new serial?

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Most High

Probably series. I think Scryer's Gulch is my last traditional webserial. The other postings here will probably be serializations of the novels as they come out.

I had an idea for a paranormal romance series. May do it, may not. Baby needs new shoes, er, has medical bills, and that's what's selling right now.

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... to give it a try, even if that's not one of my usual genres. As long as you promise that the vampires don't sparkle. Blum 3

(Your writing and characters are already light years beyond anything Mrs. Meyer could even possibly dream about, let alone produce, so I have no concerns there. But the sparkles are a no-no. SRSLY)

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