• Posted on: 11 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

You guys exceeded the donation target by 300%! Well, actually, two of you guys did. Smile

That means there will definitely be a chapter on Saturday. And it also means that the donation target will go up for the week ending 3/21/08. Because I'm mean like that. It'll only go up to $20, and we can do that, especially if more people donate.

We sure can't expect $10+ donations consistently, so we need to see more people donating, even if it's just a buck or two. Many hands make light work and all that. So even if you can't donate a huge sum, a small sum will do.

And if you really can't donate at all--and being broke-ass myself a lot of the time, I totally understand that--then I ask you to help by spreading the word. Right now the donations we've gotten cover most but not all of the $$ I've spent on advertising. I have to cut that back soon--I can't keep up that expense for long, nor did I mean to. That means "Intimate History" will be more dependent than ever on word-of-mouth advertising. That means you.

Tell your friends, blog about it, review us on PagesUnbound.com, use the bookmarkers on these pages to bookmark us at del.icio.us, StumbleUpon and other places, use the "Intimate History" icon at LJ, put a banner or button up on your website--whatever you can think to do to spread the love.

I know I'll never be raking in the big $$ doing this; no one goes into fiction, especially webserials, expecting that. It'd be nice to defray hosting and advertising expenses and maybe have enough left over to fund the writers' space I belong to and my perfume habit. But mostly I just want to be read. A lot. By lots of people.

So keep reading. And pass the word.


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