Shipping update, 1-18-11

  • Posted on: 18 January 2011
  • By: MeiLin

All international shipping is now completed, and that catches me up at last. I sent off the last eleven packages in an epic 1.5 hour schlep to the post office.

Velvet Ackbar and I had spent most of an evening filling out customs forms and packing/addressing/autographing books (well, I did all the autographing). But I discovered when I got to the PO that I had the wrong customs forms. We'd spent an hour or more painstakingly filling out these really long forms that it turned out were only for priority mail. Nowhere on the form does it say "priority." Nowhere in the PO were the non-priority customs forms; these were the only ones available.

So I had to start all over and fill out eleven more, different, customs forms. My hand cramped; it took well over a half-hour, and I'm not used to ballpoint pens any more.
When I tell you how much it cost, you will understand why I had to save up to get the last packages out: $162 and change. Next pre-sale I will know who bought packages first so I can ship out the internationals in clumps as I have the money, rather than waiting. I should've done that this time, maybe alphabetically or something, but I waffled on how to do it fairly. Dopey Mei.

Also now dopey Mei has the right customs forms on hand so VA can help her fill them out. I was at an unattended cashier's post. There was a rack that looked like it was for employees only, but there was a big stack of the proper forms in it. Reader, I stole those forms. They're in my shipping supplies right now. Take that, you PO you.

IF YOU ARE DOMESTIC and you have not gotten your package by the end of this week, please contact me. Some packages I know have gone amiss.


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... but boo for how much hassle that was for you guys.

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to think I'll probably be at work while the book arrives makes me sad... poor little book, all alone after such a long and arduous journey... must take a week off Wink

Sorry this caused so much problems. To be honest, I wondered before ordering why you hadn't added shipping cost for overseas people. I just assumed you had a good deal for that or something.

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Most High

Next time, I'll with great regret be adding a $15 surcharge for overseas and a $7-8 surcharge for Canada. Makes me very sad. At the time I did the pre-sales I was a) stunned that people bought them and b ) oblivious to real shipping costs for international.

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it's still affordable. You can't be expected to pay extra for all overseas orders, obviously. Especially with the laaarge mass of books you will sell next time Smile

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