Shipping update 1/13/11

  • Posted on: 13 January 2011
  • By: MeiLin

I am staring at a box filled with 20 packages, most for international. I had to save up for the postage--that's going to be an expensive shipping bill. If you've bought a book and it hasn't arrived, it's now on its way (or will be tomorrow when I go to the PO).

What was really upsetting was that as I went through the store interface to round up the stragglers I found a bunch of orders that Paypal had screwed up on--paid for but never fully entered into the workflow! aaagh! Did I have enough books? YES--EXACTLY! phew.

I'm all caught up! Now the problem is, I'm out of books! I won't get more for two weeks.

But man, does it feel good to be looking at that pile of packages. That has been weighing on me. Big thanks to Velvet Ackbar for helping me fill out the customs forms and get everything signed and packed. Neil Gaiman should be so lucky to have a Velvet Ackbar. Wink


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Good to hear it. If its any consolation, imagine how people outside the US feel about the cost of mail-ordering things from there!

Gudy's picture


... I have ranted and seethed about transatlantic shipping costs, you're quite correct. Also, yay for shipping books!

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As soon as something needs to cross a border out of the US (such as into Canada), shipping prices skyrocket.

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Most High

but it's nowhere near as bad as across the pond.

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with Gudy. Yay for books!

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I was one of those 'Oh, hey, random other orders!' so I was thrilled to see a letter in my email today. Smile Hooray for good books on their way!

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