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  • Posted on: 4 January 2011
  • By: MeiLin

This started out as a comment, but it was long enough that I'm like, fine, blog post. Smile It's about the ginormous ad currently appearing in the content of posts.

It's WAY bigger than I thought it'd be. My ad agency (Blogads) designs that ad unit for standard blogs; it would normally appear between two posts on a regular calendar-style blog page. My site doesn't work that way, so it appears within the post. It's there till the 11th whether I want to keep it or not. I moved the ad further down the page, and I hope it helps.

I pretty much didn't want that unit, but they came to me and said they'd had requests for it on the site. It's a huge moneymaker that I can't afford to turn down right now, especially with rather squishy ad sales. For perspective, that one week of advertising is the equivalent of 38 ebook sales, 26 monthly subscribers, or some mix thereof.

I'm posting my work free. At least 90% of the people who read it don't pay for it, either in donations, ebook purchases, or patronages. That's not a complaint, it's just reality. It's the model I've chosen, and in the long run I expect it to pay off.

But this is the short run.

I used to whine about money here. I try not to do that now. It's unbecoming. If we have financial troubles (and we do), I try to take care of things myself rather than come to you guys and whine. I'm hoping to figure out a way to opt patrons out of ads, but so far, no go (that's why the site broke earlier this evening, argh); I'm still going to keep looking for a solution to that.

Book sales will improve. They're not horrible now, compared to the vast majority of independents; they're just not nearly enough. The more commercial aspects of the site will shrink as income streams from my books grow.

In the meantime, I have to take every opportunity for income I can, and I'm sorry for that, but I'm putting food on the table here. Sad That said, this ad slot is probably going away after this ad expires. It's way, way bigger than I thought it'd be.

BUT! Please do visit the writers who took out that ad. Those of you who like my work very well might like theirs. Thank you.


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that you should keep it as long as you need. I mean, yeah, it's huge, but if it's keeping you in a better place, then I, at least, support it. I am not so privileged that using the scroll wheel is a hardship for me. Blum 3

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somehow, even with adblock disabled, my laptop refuses to show it... this is bizarre, i'm intrigued now...

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Ad revenue is a big deal. if you had a way of locating the ad so that it didn't make reading the post difficult (I don't know about everyone else, but for me it is hard to tell where the text under the ad stops, and where you're writing re-starts), then I wold encourage you to keep it. For example, if you could locate the ad at the very bottom of your post?

EDIT: Now I can see the big box around the ad. not nearly so bad. Is till think it'd be better for readability if it was at the bottom of the post, but if it's such a huge income stream, by all means, keep it.

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Most High

My ad network agreed that it was too ginormous to work; we're tweaking it. Blogads, my dears. They are the bomb.

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Dear Gods you weren't kidding about the ginormousness. I turned off ad blocker just to check it out and the thing fills my laptop screen.
Might not be so bad if it were just a section of the advertised book's cover. I'm reading through someone -else's- work, I -will- just glance at the ad, judge the book by its cover, and continue on. Pity it doesn't show in between posts like it's meant to, it'd do far better at the end of a chapter.

Setting aside the annoyance of 'woah why is there a massive picture and 2 paragraphs of someone else's text in the middle of Meilin's writing', I suppose I can appreciate a screen of man-chest once in a while.. hehe.

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I turned ad block off too! That thing is huge! LOL I was scrolling along and then BAM AD IN YO FACE! But seriously keep it if it's helping.

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I'm a new reader and I can honestly say the ad didn't irritate, confuse, or otherwise turn me off of the story. I've never seen the site without the ad, but I really don't think it's that big of a deal. Especially if it's wracking in a significant amount of income. (:

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Most High

Well, I might talk with Blogads and see if it's okay that it's at the end of the post between content and comments.

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I don't really mind the ad in its current form and if it brings money to the table, keep it... Also, in the case of this book the blurb doesn't really appeal to me, I'm all for having ads for books that I might like Smile

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