New review of "Lovers and Beloveds," and a shipping update (updated yet again)

  • Posted on: 28 December 2010
  • By: MeiLin

Keryl Raist has a really good review of "Lovers and Beloveds" today. She also posted it at Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords. So far, the book is at least 4.5 stars pretty much everywhere it's sold or reviewed, the exception seeming to be Barnes & Noble where I don't think there are any reviews up. All the official reviewer-type people I've sent the book to have come very close to raving. I still dread that one savage review. It's out there somewhere (it is for all writers); it just hasn't found me yet. Shocked

Shipping news:

I'm down to the last 20 books or so to ship! That's including recent orders! If you're international, your book will be going out this week. I had to save up a bit to afford the postage. *weeps*

Once I'm caught up, books should go out the same week in which they're ordered barring me being out of books, and I'm going to try to keep a small stock on hand. It's taken me by surprise how many people want autographed copies rather than going through, say, CreateSpace or Amazon. But then it's surprised me how many people want copies at all. Smile

Sales news:

Because you guys invested in me, I want to be somewhat transparent in my dealings. So far since the book launch in September, I've sold about 75 copies of the paperback; that includes direct, CreateSpace and Amazon sales. I've done more than twice that in ebooks, including direct, Amazon Kindle, B&N and Smashwords.

That may not sound like a lot, and in fact if you stack me up against indies like JA Konrath or Zoe Winters, it's piddling. But I've sold about 70 more copies of the paperback and 150 more copies of the ebook than 99% of most other indies. And if you measure most traditionally published authors against the titans like Stephen King, they'll look piddling, too. (Actually, most traditionally published books sell less than a thousand copies each. Little known fact.)

I remain optimistic. It's still early days, and the word out in book land is both building and extremely positive.

Update: All domestic orders are out! Tomorrow and the next day I hope to have all the internationals out--nine orders. yay!


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I just got my email notice that mine's been sent out - YAY!!!! I have about a dozen people already in mind who need to read it, so I imagine I'll be lending it out a lot...

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email notice too. Yeay!!!

Meilin, Don't worry about Barnes & Noble. It is a book store run by snobs for snobs. I have a friend who used to work in one. She tells me that If it's not a big history, documentary, or biography of some kind they rarely offer it any kind of review. & they usually won't until an author becomes as famous as Anne Rice.

As for someone someday giving you a scathing review. Anyone who ever might do so will just be sour because they know they have no hope of writing as wondrously as you do.

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Most High

Regular readers need to review there. And thanks for the kind words. Smile

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I bought my e-book through B&N, and I do actually plan of writing a review (it will actually be my first review of anything posted anywhere...eep! so no promises on how effective of a review it will be...) when I'm finished. I'd write one sooner, but even though I love the parts I've read so far, and I'm sure I'll love the parts I've not yet read - I feel kinda weird reviewing something I've not actually finished.

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I came home from staying in mine and then my boyfriend's moms' houses all month to find the book waiting for me, all pretty and awesome!

I'll get a picture later, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to approach a bookstore about carrying it? We have a very nice small bookstore in my town (with three kitties and a coffee shop!) and I would just swoon to see the cover in their store. Do I just go up to them and tell them about it? What do I say?

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Most High

I don't think I can afford to put books in stores. Sad

Books in general are sold to retailers on a "return" basis: the publisher agrees to take back any unsold books. By the time the publisher gets them back, they're pretty shopworn and not really able to be sold as new.

Secondly, my royalty per book would be much, much. I doubt it'd cover the price of the book plus the shipping costs to get a batch of them to wherever it's going.

I dunno, I'll look at it. If you know the bookstore owner, give her a copy of the ebook and show her the print version. I haven't even bothered approaching bookstores here. My odds are low and I don't think I can afford the books.

ALTHOUGH...I am thinking about approaching a local women-oriented sex toy shop...they've had readings there in the past...

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Congrats, that's great! Thanks for the shout out, btw.

And don't sell yourself short, paperbacks are VERY hard for an indie to sell. I'm not sure how many paperbacks I've sold, but I know it's only a teeeny tiny percentage of my numbers.

Also... for some reason the default name on the blog for commenting was: Cheez-It

I almost posted as Cheez-It, because I like Cheez-Its, and really all cheese-related things.

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Most High

Ladeez and gennelmen, Zoe Winters, best-selling indie paranormal romance writer. One of the indies the rest of us look up to. Smile

What's up with the Cheez-It? From the wiki:

They are the default icon at because her writing was once referred to as akin to junk food, "Cheez-its compared to fois gras." The icon selection has since widened to include junk food of all kinds, and of course, people can always choose an icon of their own.

"Cheez-It" is also the default anonymous name, and anonymous posters are usually referred to as Cheez-its.

The More You Know. Smile

I myself can't eat Cheez-its any more; I'm gluten-intolerant. I make up for it by eating more cheese! Biggrin

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Ha! Thanks for explaining the Cheez-It thing!

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MeiLin wrote:

I myself can't eat Cheez-its any more; I'm gluten-intolerant. I make up for it by eating more cheese! :D

And your dairy farmer readers thank you for it ;-D

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