Happy Eddin's Day

  • Posted on: 21 December 2010
  • By: MeiLin

Good Yule, friends! Party

Being pagan, we give our presents to one another on Solstice. We cleaned off the dining room table so we could *actually eat off it zomg* and cleaned our altar--new candles, new altar cloth, rotate the Green Man to his winter face. We ate pork--traditional for Yule--and broccoli and salad and cranberry sauce.

And then we opened presents.

I got two Kindle books I really wanted--MK Hobson's The Native Star and Gail Carriger's Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate). A pair of knee-high sock garters and these mitts that I fell in love with at Sock Dreams but would never ever buy myself (now I won't take them off), AND a pair of socks. A hand-drawn book by No2 Daughter, and a beautiful watercolor pencil portrait of me by No1 Daughter (who drew a HILARIOUS comic book for her father that I'm hoping we'll get to post on her site). And a fistful of Preppy fountain pens, my favorite cheap delivery systems for gorgeous ink. Just in time too; two of my current four have gone walkabout. (They'll pop up eventually.) Also I get to go, er, toy shopping with Velvet Ackbar. *ahem*

Oh! and I'm getting pictures of people with my book! yay!

I finished two of the three example felted slippers I decided to make at the last minute for everyone. The girls got to see what their booties will look like, though they're big, floppy and unfelted; No1 got slate blue and dark brown, No2 wine and navy, and VA got clogs in two shades of gray. (I'm making myself a pair of brown booties later.)

Oh--and VA got matching Jamie and Adam bobble-heads. Smile

Tomorrow is a skip day for the Gulch. BUT! You will be treated to some original art by No1 Daughter, the creator of Love in Idleness.

Happy Eddin's Day, everyone!


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... to all scientists, geeks, tricksters and gender queer folk. And to everyone else, too. Smile

And you know you've played entirely too much Fallout 3 when the first thing that pops into your head after reading this:

MeiLin wrote:
Oh--and VA got matching Jamie and Adam bobble-heads. :)
is that this should give a +10 increase to his Science and Explosives skills. Biggrin
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Even though I'm late! It sounds like you had a really great day! Where did you find this sock site? I LOVE socks! Especially knee socks!

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Most High

Their warehouse is less than a mile from our house.

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